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Hosts Steve Vuylsteke, President of SakéOne, and America's first saké brewmaster, Greg Lorenz, will be discussing both imports and domestic sakés during a comparative tasting of SakéOne products.

SakéOne is one of six saké breweries in America and the only saké brewery in Oregon. It has promoted quality saké in America for over two decades, both as an importer and as a domestic craft brewer, focusing on quality, heritage and innovation. SakéOne imports a boutique portfolio of Japanese regional saké including the brands Murai Family, Yoshinogawa and SakéMoto, a premium Japanese saké developed specifically for the American market. Greg also produces award-winning saké for the Momokawa, G Saké, and the fruit-infused Moonstone brands at SakéOne’s own Kura in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Saké's presence in the American market is rapidly increasing; in the past ten years, saké has seen a 100% increase in the US Beverage alcohol market. However, most premium saké is still imported from Japan.

Today we will be tasting: Yoshinogawa Winter Warrior (SRP $27), SakéMoto (SRP $11), Murai Family Tokubetsu Honjozo (SRP $25), and G Fifty (SRP $25).

Rice Polishes

Rice Polishes

Polishing the saké rice (seimai) is an integral part of the saké making process. The quality of the saké is determined by the percentage the rice grain is polished to. This image displays the different milling percentages and the saké they create. Click HERE for more saké terminology.
Koji Rice

Koji Rice

This picture shows Greg spreading out the Koji Rice in the table room, where it will sit for a day to breath and grow. It will then be transferred to the machine room for a day before going to the cooling room. To view more images of the brewing process, click HERE.
Brewing Saké

Brewing Saké

This infographic displays the process of brewing saké and the many steps the rice goes through before the final product. To view this image larger, click HERE.

SakéOne's Comparative New Release Live Tasting

Welcome to SakéOne live! Today we will be doing a live tasting, comparing fine Japanese saké to the newest domestically produce saké from SakéOne, G Fifty. All products are high quality, yet tailored for the different markets.

To learn more about SakéOne and its other products please visit: Find SakéOne on Facebook or Twitter. We encourage you to tag us @SakeOne or using the hashtag #sake throughout the tasting. Kanpai!

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